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NOTE: I've had a few enquiries about this. A page that says THIS SPACE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK is not an error and it does not require you to login to read it (Smacky's Guides are free and open to all -- no payment or registration required). It simply means I haven't had time to write that part yet (it's meant to be a reference to Zork).

Daimonin MMORPG

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Player's guides for Daimonin MMORPG -- they tell you how to play the game! Excellent choice! Just click the image below.
What is Daimonin MMORPG?
A Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game set in a fantasy world -- it's available for Linux and Windows. For more information go to the Daimonin MMORPG website.
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Message of the moment

BETA 4 is released on Saturday 19th May. Unfortunately I will not be able to update the Guides until a few days after release. This means that the Guides are not accurate for B4 as the game mechanics have changed considerably since BETA 3. In their current state the Guides are still generally applicable but you should not rely on them. Give me a little time.

For further details or to leave a comment or suggestion see the forums.


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